Charts Feature Request - DEP/ARR Weather button

Hi guys.

Loving navigraph. Just gets better and better! Who wouldve thought it would get this good from the days of the LIDO charts?!

Feature request - Ive been hankering for a ‘one-click’ weather button to take me straight to a textual weather brief, on the side (see yellow and pink squiggles).

Maybe you could list all available weathers, starting with METAR, ATIS (real/vatsim) and the TAFs and wateva else.

Could you also split the buttons? so one button (the pink) would just say something like ‘DEP WX’ for departure airport weather, and the other (yellow squiggle) could be ARR WX. Im not toooo fussed about alternate weather, we can all dig deeper as we currently have to do, to get that.

Im just thinking along the lines of the real jeppesen app where pilots have that available to them. it really is a smart and nifty button to have.



I have moved your post to this Wishlist category. To you and other interested users, please make sure you vote for it, so we can gauge user interest.


Thank you Ian. My apologies for mis-posting

No problems but you still haven’t voted for it. So we show 0 votes, so no user interest ?


Im voting for this but cant because of my vote limit? How do i get more voting power?