Feature Request : L:VAR or A:VAR to turn off Ship Data


Working on a GTX 345 Transponder project and I would like to make the Bluetooth work in a similar way that it does in the real plane. Basically my iPad EFB needs to connect to the GTX-345 to get the AHRS and GPS/ADS-B Traffic and Weather Data feeds. It would be nice to be able to require when flying with planes with this transponder to have to have the Bluetooth Enabled to Enable the Ship Data that my iPad running Navigraph Charts is getting.

This would also mean that if the Transponder was not turned on or if the Circuit went… etc then I would be able to put in “failures” for these items.



Hello! Thanks for the feedback.

I am not sure what Simvars would do in this case? Our PC avionics plugins to not have Simlink built-in.
Do you want simvars to tell the external Simlink application to not send any data?

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Yes that is kind of the idea :slight_smile: have a Var that I could set to “fail” the Data transmitting…

Yes I am also fully aware that this is asking for you to code in Technical support nightmare :slight_smile: so if it could be an option to be enabled in simlink that the user has to do that would be cool by me :slight_smile:

We’ll consider this for an upcoming rewrite of Simlink! As of right now, this is not something we want to focus on, for reasons that it seems like you already understood :sweat_smile:

I have added it to our internal issue tracker so that we don’t forget about it though!
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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