Trying to get Simlink working with g1000 in Torque Realsimgear cockpit

I have a Cirrus cockpit full BATD sim from realsimgear and I installed the navigraph/datalink/FMS and it shows as working but I don’t see any additional options inside the navigation MFD screens inside my cockpit. Any idea how I can troubleshoot this? Not sure what screenshots to provide exactly but I made some guesses. Please let me know what else y’all might need to help me troubleshoot this. Couldn’t get a screenshot of the Simlink status but it is updated and running just fine. Here is a log entry:

[2023-08-15 11:32:50] Navigraph Simlink Addon (v. for X-Plane (x64) has loaded.


Hi Cody! Welcome to the forum!

The Simlink plugin for X-Plane is not meant to modify anything in the simulator, and will thus not result in any changes to the simulated Garmin avionics.

Instead, the plugin is a companion to the standalone Simlink application, which you can download from here.
This application sends your position in the simulator to our servers, so that we can show your location on one of our many moving maps on the web, desktop, iOS or Android!

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I don’t understand. On the website it shows a G3/5000 with an airport approach chart and clear integration to the cockpit of the airplane. Are you saying that this “is a thing” but it isn’t an “x-plane thing”?

Ah! I see the confusion. Yes, the front page features this image, along with the text “Navigraph Avionics plugin for MSFS” - meaning that the plugin is only available for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Unfortunately, there are no plugin capabilities for the G1000 in X-Plane. Sorry about that!

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