Feature Request - Flight Category on Flight Page

I have a feature request that I thought would increase the satisfaction and usability for users.

Currently, to access the weather information of a certain airport you would either need to search the airport, click it, click open airport, then click weather. Or, if you have a flight loaded you can click on the info button and follow the same steps. You can technically also press view charts and navigate to weather via that way as well.

My idea is to add some sort of icon to the flight page that includes the Flight Category just like it is displayed in the full airport screen with a little circle of color and the status. Maybe add some sort of badge to the airport in the flight page and then have it link to the weather page for that airport when you click on it.

It’s just something that I personally think would benefit but I can also see some difficulties with.

Anyhow, I hope this feedback will help you people a bit in making the already awesome application even better!


We’ll consider this! We will put some additional focus on weather features in the coming months.