Old Card? Free Version not running?


sorry if this is a “beginner topic” - but I`m a beginner :slight_smile:

In the last months … everything worked well with my free account.
I just entered the airports in navigraph and imported it in my flybywire 320.

Everytime I could create perfect waypoints for the arrival way to an airport.
Since a few days, this do not work at all :frowning:

See here :

Is this regarding the “Free Navigraph” version - or what changed?

Thanks for your feedback.

Best regards

Hi Nico,
first of all, thanks for the video - such reports help us a lot. Great work … thank you very much!

To your issue:
What do you expect, when you enter the GULK2C? This STAR ends at the COL VOR - as in your FMS … you miss the GILK14 transition (VIA). Without it, it ends at COL as in the FMS shown …


Hi Richard,

Bevor … if I klick on the EDDK (Arrival airport) and enter runway and STAR GULK2C - the waypoints were included - like on the map:

The waypoints DK667, DK485, DK481 and so on … they were imported in the flighplan.
But this is not happen since a few days.

Best regards Nick
(Sorry, my english is not perfect)

No problem Nick - I´m an Austrian, so also not a native speaker :slight_smile:

Which FBW version do you use? The experimental one? When yes, please can you try the stable or the dev version?


Hi Richard,
I just intall the Stable version of the A320, but it works still not. The STAR is not compled.
Is this a problem of the free version?

Best regards

Okay, I just purchased one month on simbrief.com for the new data. But it still does not work :frowning:

Servus Nico,
may I ask, if you can upload your flightplan here - I mean the file, which you are importing in the MSFS that I can look into it. It has nothing todo with a old or a new cycle … but let me check, when I have received the file from you.


Servus Richard,
its also possible to write in german?
What I did now … I purchased the new cycle on navigraph and with the program: “Navdata Center” - I uploaded the new map - now its working as before.
Do I have right now to buy every month the new cycle? I mean … I just want to use the right STAR, not the maps or something like this …

That´s what I thought at the beginning yes …

The problem is, that you plan a flight with an old/outdated cycle which doesn´t match with the MSFS cycle. Terminal procedures will be changed, fixes, navaids removed, airways changed, … that all this more or less updated in the MSFS stock data but not up2date in Simbrief because you use an older cycle.

In your case, it looks like that a STAR has be changed between the default/free Simbrief AIRAC cycle (which is outdated) and therefore the MSFS can´t use it any longer because the MSFS expect the new STAR or transition …

You should be in sync with both … means you should use the same AIRAC cycle in Simbrief as in MSFS. Therefore yes, it´s a good way to have at least a Navigation Data Subscription (without the charts, when you don´t need it). With this subscription you are always up2date and you use in every month the same cycle with exactly the same data in Simbrief and MSFS (and other simulators too).

Hope that helps,

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