Favorites missing

I just updated to the new version and all my favorites are missing. I cant find any way to save something or look up my saved favorites. Any solution?


please help same issue and i use this to control on vatsim!


Hello and thanks for the feedback!

We do have this noted and will very likely bring it back in a future update, rather sooner than later. Sorry for the inconvenience!

May I suggest that you try out the new pinboard features? The ability to create pinboards without having to create a flight was made primarily with controllers in mind based on earlier feedback :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

is there somewhere that shows how to use this feature?

I wonder if someone thinks its appropriate to ask for a higher price, while removing features like the whole Android smartphone application and functions like saving favorite airports and not implementing your saved flight plans from charts 7? I like the new stuff, no doubt, but I feel like this release should’ve just taken a bit longer without so much stuff missing…

Which feature? Custom pinboards? It is briefly mentioned on our website under Pinboards here, but there is no explicit documentation about it at this time, sorry if this is an inconvenience!

thank you for your reply definitely need back the favorites option so much easier