Pinboard Bug - Max of 7 visible charts (Plus other annoying bugs since build 4385424740)

There is an incredibly annoying bug since this build. (Windows Desktop Charts App). The PB is only allowing a maximum of 7 charts to be pinned at once and any pinning of > 7 charts will push out the last visible chart on the pinboard. I saw in another post one of the mods say it’s apparently new bug and that restarting will allow more charts to be pinned. Just FYI this does nothing for me. Restart the App, Same issue. Pls Let me know if I’m missing something.

Also, 2nd issue I noticed is that I’m unable to delete any prior flights from the Flights Menu (In Edit Mode). Selecting the flight and hitting the “Delete” command button does nothing.

Any way to roll back to the prior build? As I had no issue before this most recent update. I hope there’s a hot-fix released for this soon, as it really is quite annoying. Specifically, the pinboard issue.

Charts Desktop:
v8.22.0 build 4385424740

OS info:
Windows 10: Ver 1909 Build 18363.1556


We acknowledge the pinning bug, and the development team will address it starting Monday. The restart adding more pinned charts seems to only apply to Charts iOS.

I can’t replicate the Flight delete issue, but I see another report thread. We shall investigate.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Thanks for the reply, Ian.
Ok, at least I’m not spinning my wheels trying to restart the windows client over and over.
It’s on the iOS version too, eh? Sounds back-end in that case.

Looking forward to the fix, I’ll just deal with it for now.

P.S. yeah as far as the “Delete” bug, I just checked, still the same issue. It’s unusual, it doesn’t appear as if it’s just latency or anything like that, it’s as if clicking the button on the UI does nothing, like a null click event as if the button was just a placeholder.
After I finish my flight, I’ll try logging out/back in, clearing cache, etc… and see if it makes any difference.
Have a good weekend.

Both issues fixed as of today’s update (as I’m sure you already know).

You guys are on point :+1:


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Yes, sorry we should have updated the thread. You’re right, both issues have been fixed!

You’re welcome!