Navigraph application should allow removal of navdata without logging in

I am a previous navigraph subscriber, I recently stopped paying because I was only flying a few times a year and that’s not worth a hundred bucks to me.

This morning I got stuck trying to do my first flight post-navigraph, I used Simbrief and generated the route KMGJ SAX J6 BWZ RIC J165 DWYTE BASLE HOTAR1 KSGJ. I was unable to add waypoint SAX to the FMC of either the WT CJ4 and C172.

It appears I’ve run into a known issue:

You should paywall the Install and Update buttons only and let me click Remove after my sub has expired. Also acceptable to me would be, when the Navigraph app sees the sub is expired, automatically remove the navdata.

This failure to clean up after a subscription ends does not make me want to resubscribe.

Thank ypu for you feedback. Fine, when it solved now. I close this topic now due this fact.