FAQ - MSFS Read before posting , Guidelines for reporting

Thank you for helping us improving the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Navdata Update Service from Navigraph! For us to handle your report in an efficient manner, please include the following information in your post:

  1. Sim version
  2. Navigraph Navdata client version
  3. AIRAC cycle + revision number
  4. Exact description of the issue, including cause of the issue (Flight plan in world map, loading a flight plan generated from outside, using aircraft type etc.)
  5. Screenshots or example files if applicable (Flight plans or similar)
  6. Confirmation that the issue does not exist using default data, which requires Remove in installer. This allows us to verify if it’s a sim issue or data issue.
  7. Advise if there is any difference in the issue between the World Map and MCDU/FMC, if applicable.


Currently we do not support any mods. When any mod is installed, the user should verify if the same behavior exists in the default (without mod) too before posting an issue.