FAQ - Charts 8 Choosing Runway based on Winds Indicators

Here is a a guide as to how to choose runways based on winds In Charts 8.

As an example, YMML has runways 09/27 and 16/34.

Current METAR is:

So winds are 240/09, meaning winds are 9 knots blowing from 240 . So aircraft should land into the wind on runway closest to this heading i.e. Runway 27

This is confirmed when setting origin or destination runway:

Runway 27 shows the largest headwind of 7 knots, with a crosswind of 6 knots (consistent with 240/09)

Runway 16 is an option with headwind of 3 knots, but crosswind of 8 knots might not be so comfortable.

Runways 09 and 34 generally wouldn’t be chosen due to tail wind component of 7 knots and 3 knots.


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