Simbrief picked runway with 10kt tailwind

Flying out of SPTN, simbrief chose RWY 02 despite it being uphill with a 10kt tailwind (real world). In-game, it was an 11kt tailwind, which is above the maximum for the longitude. Maximum or not, the downhill headwind that isn’t pointed straight at mountains would’ve been a much better choice.

Curious about this (although currently runway 02 has headwinds). Does simBrief have a specific rule for runway selection at that airport?



Hi, thanks for the report. I’ve made improvements to the runway selection logic that should fix this.

It doesn’t, but just by looking at the available SIDs, STARs, and approaches, it can be assumed that 20 is normally used for departures and 02 is used for landings. SimBrief should now be better at detecting such airports and selecting runways accordingly (the logic was flawed before and was selecting 02 when it made no sense to do so).



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