Export .pln Causes MSFS to Freeze

Most of the time, if I export a .pln file to MSFS, the sim will freeze after I click “fly.” But, if I plan the same flight within the sim, this does not happen. Any ideas why this might occur? Thanks!

Hi Rick,
two questions:

  1. you mean export from our charts to MSFS, right?
  2. Please can you upload an example flightplan, that we can try to reproduce it?

Thank you,

Right. I’ve attached the latest one. Thanks!

KLYHKUKF.pln (2.3 KB)

This is still happening to me. If I just load the sim at an airport - no problem. If I create the plan in MSFS - no problem. If I export from Navigraph charts - it freezes up at about 20% after I hit “fly.” I’ve attached the one from today.