Export to simulator - cruise altitude problem

Hi there, loving Navigraph Charts and the MSFS in-game panel! When I click the “export” button and load the current flight plan to the simulator, I type in my desired cruising altitude but ATC doesn’t seem to have a cruise altitude, it just gives me an initial clearance and one additional climb instruction to some intermediate afterward. From that point I have to request a cruising altitude increase (at least once since we can only do up to 10,000 increments with default ATC) to get to my actual cruising altitude.

Loading the same flight plan into the sim via the world map does not have this problem.

Is this a potential Charts bug or a simulator bug?

Thanks for your time and the excellent app!

Same here, just dicovered this neat feature, but the entred cruise altitude is not taken into account by the sim?!

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anyone care to update on this? i know it’s likely an Asobo bug but i’d like to know either way. :slight_smile: