ESKS Not in database

I purchased ESKS Scanvinavian Mountains Airport from Orbx. I used Navigraph Charts to create a flight plan from EKYT (Aalborg Airport) to ESKS (Scandinavian Mountains Airport). When I entered the plan into Prosim737 Company Routes it said: Waypoint ESKS not found. I have the latest Navigraph database installed- 2113. I tried entering EKYT directly into the FMC but it said “not in database”. Has this airport been left out of the Navigraph database even though all the charts are in Navigraph Charts?


Hi Jerry,

ESKS and EKYT are in our database. Maybe you need to rebuild ProSim data base as previous VTBS issue - #2 by NAVData ?


Yes, I was just reminded of that on the Prosim forum.


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