LIRF SID "ESINO 7H & KONUT 8A" not routable

LIRF SID “ESINO 7H & KONUT 8A” is available as chart, but not selectable in routing via the Departure dropdown or type edit.

Without any further information such as sim platform and addon the departures are in two parts.

You need to select an initial climb procedure first.

@srcooke is absolutely right … you need any “Initial Climb” procedure before you can select “ESINO or KONUT”. These procedures are “enroute-transitions” - both starts at SOSAK, so when you select SOSAK5A/5D/… you can select the ESINO or KONUT transition

You can´t select “enroute-transitions” only, you must have any common or runway part (initial climb).

Hope that helps,

Oh yeah, now I got it, thanks!

I overlooked that because I imported a briefing from Simbrief into Navigraph charts and Simbrief handed ESI7H as departure over to navigraph. Then Navigraph charts marked this departure with an “!” in red, because I could not find such a departure and I kept looking for it manually.

Thanks again for the heads up.

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