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I have just a little question about LIRF SID On the Simbrief flightplan, the SIDS are different than the list in Navigraph and you can’t find them.
I have an annual subscription and I always update the Airac on the first day.
For now, LIRF and LIML are the only airports with that issue (no problem for STAR, only SIDS).
Any idea?
Thank you
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Hi Philippe,
can you give us an example please … What is showing in SimBrief and what do you see on your FMC?
Thank you,

Ok, I will do this ASAP

Here we are:
I have planned a flight from LIRF to LFLL
Simbrief gives LIRF 16R NEMBO7A NEMBO……
And if you look at LIRF charts in NAVIGRAPH, you can’t find this NEMBO7A SID.
And the SID doesn’t exist in the aircrafts FMS either.
But as I said, for a return flight, the STAR are always correct.
It is like this for a very long time but I didn’t think to talk about this.
It’s not a big deal of course, I just wanted to know why :hugs:

Thank you very much Philippe, let me check this. SimBrief and the data/charts uses the same data source, so normally it should be the same.

The only thing is, that this is a transition, which needs a SID or STAR before. This will be handled a little bit differ in Simbrief but thats only a handling for the route calc/string … the result, should be the same.

I will check it for you and try to find the why :wink:

Thanks for all the details

Hi again Philippe,
right, it´s exactly what I have assumed - you can fly the NEMBO7A but you need an INITIAL CLIMB part to XENOL too. There are no direct SID.

When you look on the charts, you see this very clear:

Simbrief uses the correct departure NEMBO7A for the flightplanning but in this situations Simbrief doesn´t add the initial climb routing, which is necessary for most of all FMCs.

Hope that helps and that makes something clearer,

Oh ok, it’s something I didn’t know because il 99% of the airports, it’s not like this. Thanks for your explanation and I have to work on this a little bit more in order to understand correctly.
Have a good day.
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Yes Philippe, that´s absolutely right … in most cases you have a SID/STAR + the a possible transtion - but in some cases here in Europe, the transition is also coded as a “SID or STAR” but to identify this, you need to look on the chart and than you see this.

A SID starts from a runway and not from any point around the airport - therefore you need any “initial routing” to this waypoint and that´s what is special …

Let us know, whenever you have an additional question to it. Possible we can help you to understand the situation on a specific example like yours … :wink:

Have a nice evening and thanks for the fast feedback …

It’s very kind of you and I appreciate a lot your involvement.
Nice evening to you too.

Thank to you and your are more than welcome :pray:

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