Error FMS database LPPT RWY21 (LISBON)

There has an error in FMS Database (STAR’s). On approaching LISBON, LPPT - RWY 21, the plane’s FMGC (or G1000) repeats the Fix UPKAT and the plane travels in an erratic circle before entering on the final. This happens with all Star’s to the RWY 21 LPPT, coming from North or South. Please see attachment:
The approaches to RWY 03 are ok.
I am very grateful for the correction of the data.
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Hi Manuel,
the XAMA5B ends inthe UPKAT holding, that´s exactly what you see on your screenshot. The IAF for the ILS21 is LAR - so in this case you must go “direct UPKAT” (the second one) or delete the first one, when you have no further ATC incstructions to go into the holding (UPKAT is the “clearance limit”). So, the coding is correct so far, but needs adjustments from the pilot.

Dear Richard.
Thank you for your explanation. I wilco.
Kind regards,

A domingo, 21/02/2021, 11:41, NAVData via Navigraph <> escreveu:

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