Duplicated waypoint on transition from STAR to ILS


I use FFA320 ultimate for X-Plane.

Using AIRAC2012 I found duplicated waypoint on some airports, with different parameters (like speed and altitude), on the transition from STAR to ILS.

Here you have the example regarding LPPT RW21

With a previous AIRAC this problem did not occur,

Can you please help on this?

Thanks in advance.

sorry I don´t see any issue here except the altitude which are not from us (seems will be calculated by the sim). You have two parts - the STAR INOB5B and the ILS21

The INOB5B doesn´t end at PT411 - it ends at UPKAT (which is also a holding) at 4000+, speed 180-kts and the initial fix for the ILS21 is CI21 (which is ILB026/14 = short before UPKAT because UPKAT is ILB026/11). The next waypoint in the approach sequence is UPKAT which has the same altitude restriction and of course the same speed restriction from the STAR.

Here the INOB5B STAR:

And here the ILS21 part:

Therefore the “discontinue”, which you can solve by deleting the additional waypoints - that happens in real also and is a normal process.

What you mean as “correct” isn´t or wasn´t correct - because its and outdated STAR (INOB3B) and the sequences (as you see in the screenshot) were not complete.

Hope that helps,

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Hi. Thanks a lot for your clarification.

However there’s no holding over UPKAT. The published holding is over LAR.

Thanks in advance

You´re right - UPKAT is “only” a holding waypoint (for TROIA & UNPOT STAR) but there is no holding for the INBO5B. Sorry!


Hi Richard,

Apologies for hijacking this thread.

I got tripped up with a duplicate waypoint today - just not sure why or where it’s occuring; just wondering if you’re able to shed any light onto it for me?

I created an auto-generated route from NZNS to NZPM - exported it to the appropriate XP folder (by the way, I’m having to be sure to add “.fms” to the file name or it’s not visible to the G1000 – looking like a small Navigraph Charts bug) - then selected/loaded the flight plan in the HotStart TBM 900 G1000.

You can see the route that was built looks fine but the route loaded has the SAKBA waypoint duplicated. This confused the GPS badly and it overshot the waypoint.

  • When I highlighted the first SAKBA and activated it refused to track the aircraft and the the PFD was showing “SAKBA -> SAKBA”

  • When I made the 2nd SAKBA the active track it still did nothing

  • In the end the only thing that would make it control the aircraft again was telling it to do a “direct to” to the 2nd SAKBA - and then it was fine from that point onwards.

Just curious as to what I need to do to stop these “gotchas” in the future?




Hi Colin,
sorry, but it looks like, it´s the design of the G1000 in the HotStart TBM. The reason is a common reason all over the world:

The route ends at SAKBA and the STAR begins at SAKBA. The normal way is, to remove one the these “double” waypoints to avoid such discontinuations. In your case, it looks like, that the G1000 doesn´t do this automatically therefore you must delete one by your self, or in your case make a “direct to” the second SAKBA.

Such situations can´t be handled in any other way, because the STAR can be used for other directions/airways also, where SAKBA isn´t the last enroute waypoint. Sorry Colin, thats not a navdata issue it´s more a design/feature functionality in the G1000. I don´t know how the real G1000 handles such situations but I guess, equal to your “solution” with a “direct to”.


Thanks Richard,

Now that I know about it it’s not a big deal.

My understanding is that the TBM uses the same G1000 as the stock XP aircraft (albeit with a custom panel presentation).

I’ll do some more testing today and then let someone know about it.

Many thanks again Richard - it’s great being able to get accurate & trustworthy credible responses.

Just for clarity, I flew the same file again today - and it tracked perfectly all the way.

So not sure what’s going on.

I think in future I’ll just scan for and then delete any duplicates and see how it goes.