After updating to AIRAC 2106 the FMC in my PMDG 747-8 is coming up with the following error at EHAM when I enter it as the departure airport:
LN: 443 ERR at RNW

At EHAM there are no RWYs and no SIDS/STARs on the departure/arrival page. My destination (LIMC) has the RWYs and SIDS/STARs show up, so it appears to be just EHAM atm.

I’ve tried exiting the sim (P3D v5.1), reinstalling the PMDG navdata using the Navigraph FMS Data Manager, deleting the FS root\PMDG\NAVDATA\ARPT_RWY.dat file as per the FAQ, and then restarted the sim. However, this has not fixed the problem.

The FMC is showing AIRAC-2106 is active. I’m using Windows 10 with FlyTampa Amsterdam, Orbx Netherlands, FS2Crew 747, and ActiveSky installed.

Is there anything else I should try?



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Hi Tony,
I´m currently analyzing this but it looks like a source issue - I see double records in our source file and therefore the double runways, which ends up in exactly this error message. But give me a little bit more time please, this looks very strange and happens never before.
Thank you,

Hi Richard,

No worries. Thanks for looking into it.


Hi Tony,
ok, no source issue - human issue sorry for that. We are currently preparing a second revision for the PMDG. Sorry for that, was my fault. I will inform you here, when it´s uploaded and available …

Thanks for the hint,

Hi Richard,

Thanks for checking it out. I’ll wait for the revision. Glad to know it wasn’t just me doing something silly haha.



Hi there, I got a strange ILS22 Record in FSLabs, one with Transition ‘HDR’ ‘ARTIP’ ‘RIVER’ ‘SUGOL’.
Cross checked With the latest Jeppesen Chart, The Transition ‘HDR’ is for COPTER.
It uses the same name “ILS or LOC Rwy 22”, but with a ‘(COPTER)’ suffix.

In FSLabs’ database, two ‘I22’ appears. One with Approach_Route_Qualifier_2 as ‘H’ (Copter Minimum).

Please check the data source. It definity went wrong.

No problem Tony, thanks to you for the report :wink:

I will inform you, when the files are ready …


Same issue. PMDG 737 NGX (FSX) no Sids/Stars for EHAM.

Hi guys,
revisision 2 is out now - please update all your addons. Revision 1 had a general parsing error and therefore I had to re-create all datasets. Revision 2 should fix all the current issue from revision 1.

Thank you very much,

Thanks Richard, that’s fantastic. :slight_smile:

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Thank You for the update, Richard…much appreciated!

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