Error - Fix or airway "CYYJ5" not found

Fix or airway “CYYJ5” not found.

departing CYYJ runway 09

Hello, the Victoria 5 departure is just a vectored departure, which means there is no waypoints to fly. They send you off on a heading that’s it.


Are these SIDs really completely absent from the simBrief database? They exist in the Navigraph database for e.g. X-Plane 11/12; even if it does nothing, being able to parse them would be useful and/or convenient :slight_smile:



Yeah, currently they are completely absent in SimBrief’s database. But I’ll look into omitting errors for vector SIDs in SimBrief.


I’ve added support for vector SIDs to SimBrief’s route parser, so this should be fixed now.

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