Airspace files for x-plane

I use the FMS data on Navigraph but there is one thing that isn’t updated. In the X-Plane 11\Custom Data\airspaces folder there is an option to input airspaces so that they can be seen on a G1000 or similar equipment. It would be nice if the Navigraph updater can add the .txt files there needed to show the airspaces. I would like to ask if this has been considered to add this in the future. I couldn’t find anything on this forum.


As a work around you can load airspace files yourself, see this old Thread in X-Plane.ORG :grinning:

Stephen (cessna729).

Thanks. The idea was mostly that the Navigraph FMS data manager could take care of it. The files on those pages might be outdated or even worse crash x-plane. I’m not even sure that Navigraph has airspace data available but I thought I would throw out the idea.

yes, we have also airspaces in our source - when you look into our charts, you will see this airspaces which are rendered from the data. We will check this updates with Laminar Research, if this is possible without any negative effects, after their ok, we will add it to our backlog.

Possible start of implementation (depending of Laminar) could be in the beginning of the first quarter of 2021. Hope that helps - and by the way, thank you for your input to improve our service!


Thanks Richard. That’s all I could ask for!


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