Enroute map not always showing at full size

Under-lying map not always @ full size. Maybe already noticed here.

When opening the new panel the underlying map is not always full-panel, but is then only present on part of the panel-real-estate. Minimizing and re-opening sometimes cures the problem.

I think I understand what you mean, but in order to make it perfectly clear - could you add a screenshot?


Not right away. No time now to do a full flight. Had a quick look with the Fenix Airbus parked on Dresden airport, but then it didn’t happen. It happened during flight after reopening the panel after flying for some distance. The route was fully drawn then, but the underlying map was more a smaller version which didn’t cover the whole panel-space. On the left and the upper side there was no map. The map that was shown was smaller as if someone had clicked the minus zoom button.

Great, thanks for the feedback and the additional details!

However, what you are describing does not sound familiar to me at all, it is a bit hard to picture it. In order to investigate the issue further I will need a screenshot of it. No rush at all and it is entirely optional of course - but I need it in order to look further into this.

When you’re ready - please create a new topic in this category (here) as we’re trying to keep things organized into separate threads from now on to make investigations easier!

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards,

Well, did the same departure from Dresden as yesterday, but this time no problems. Well, maybe one time after opening the panel during flight, when it happened for less than a second and the panel immediately corrected itself. So looks good. The in-game-panel works fine. I did not yet update it. It’s the same version as yesterday. No screenshot of any mishap.

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