Engine Out SID

Engine Out SID would be very useful.

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In many cases they are tailor made by the performance software company for each individual airline, specifically for each aircraft (and sometimes engine type). I.e. a 747 will not have the same EOSID as a 737 Max

I fly the 737Max8 IRL and am also interested in EO SIDS as my company has them for many airports throughout our route map. I understand the limitations mentioned above as they are airline/aircraft specific. They will auto-populate in the FMC if an engine failure occurs with the flaps extended. What I have been doing is creating custom waypoints using lat/lon coordinates from the real jet’s FMC database and saving a flight scenario in MSFS and panel state in the PMDG SAVE PANEL STATE menu option. I also have to load the EO SID waypoints as a regular flight plan. This isn’t ideal because I’m unable to save the custom waypoint name with the actual name used in the company database (I’m guessing they become part of the AIRAC data the company buys).

I’m wondering if there is a way to save these custom waypoints in Navigraph and have the ability to pull them up in the PMDG FMC. That would make it easier to be able to create, say, a custom database set with these waypoints entered enmasse and be able to create flight plans from these custom user waypoints instead of having to enter and save them by the method mentioned above. It’s a tedious process but doable. If there’s already a way to do this that I’m unaware of, please let me know!