Engine out SID for ENGM - Example

Dear all, I would like to share a personal project of mine. Intent is personal use of course, but this truly enhance the immersion of flying with Navigraph.

Ok, so a bit of backstory

Company EO-SID’s (Engine Out Procedures) are made by company for company and integrated in the Electronic Flight Bag - Performance Calculation. This may be different to each company.

The operator I use and have learned from uses this for every airport they operate on. A standard and non-standard procedures to be executed if or when an engine failour occures. These instructions are not known or published to Air Traffic Control, but are briefed to them when such failours occures…

So speed up to present time. As said these SID procedures are not made or shipped with Navigraph as it would need to be custom made to each operator (airline) and some unfortunate dude would need to export that from their performance tablet or what system they use.

I spent some time making this for note: One airport, one time. Basically I have no immediate plans to continue making them for myself, but if any only those I normally fly frequently out of.

Ok, so reason was mentioned, immersion… As these company procedures are applicable to Airbus, I have made them for the A319 and I’ll show that here in case some wonder. But my reason is two parted for showing, I want to politely add a question to the presentation and hopefully it can be answered.

Now here are 5 images to follow, showing MCDU setup with EO-SID for all four runway’s at Oslo, Gardermoen ICAO ENGM…

These are coded into navdata provided from the excellent Navigraph, i.e you guy’s of course. Sad part is that I need to add these every time there is an official cycle update. This I do not matter, quite easy and I could perhaps also make a program that parses these automatically.
As you can see, these are publised SID’s now included every time I load up the sim, and select departure runway, they are either presented as a selectable SID, or as I the procudures calls, an secondary flight plan feature.

Before I post the images, I need to ask… As the EO-SID ends up in an waypoint and with an hold function, I wonder if this “hold point” can be added so that it would automatically be shown as part of the SID? Which of course it does not now.

Now I need to manually select the end point in MCDU (FMC) and apply an hold pattern to it. Not a huge problem would it would be a time saver if that is published in the SID. I know there are such published hold points already, but I think it is in it’s own file and not linked to CIFP?

Anway, enough babble, here are the images showing the Engine Out SID currently programmed for ENGM

Runways: 01L,01R,19L,19R

Here is the EO-SID shown as an option to select (example 01L)

If any of the developers need to see the file in order to understand and answer the question of the hold point, please dm me :slight_smile:

This is the logic:
RWY > Turn point > HOLD Point > Holding pattern > Then exit hold and > IAF > RWY

Here is an example of an real EO-SID description

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Hi Tom,

For staffing reasons, we shall look into your suggestion next week.


thanks for your idea and also your effort. As you know, we support more than 120 different addons and when we add such “tailored” records, we must look that we can provide it for all addons. Therefore we need such records in the standard ARINC424 format - only in this format, we can add it and we can offer it for all addons.

Hope that helps and we are happy, when we can support you but again we need it in the specific format to provide it for all addon-formats.

Thank you & keep up the good work,

Hi Richard and thank you for replying. Also extend my gratitude to Ian for his response too.
I was not looking for someone to implement this in Navigraph as it would be a pain in the backside to do. Reason being is that company EO-SID are not published and custom to airlines. They are often tailor made by the operators to be integrated in their onboard performance tools.

Now I would love some assistance to identify certain elements of a code line in CFIP. Don’t want to re-invent the wheel but to tailor make some procedures, like “Track to D9” as shown in the image above and how to define a holding procedures at a certain point, also as shown in the image above. Right now that HP needs to be manually entered and I know for sure there are certain STARS that have a HP attached to it.

Anyway, please contact me on DM and ill gladly provide details to what my query are :slight_smile:

Tom Knudsen

Hi Tom,
thanks for your fast answer to this topic. Understood. I’m currently on vacaction till sunday, so please let us talk in the next week about it, if its ok for you. When not, let me know than I will find a timeslot in the next days, no problem.


No rush Richard, enjoy your vacation.
Drop me a note when you are available


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