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In reference to this post. Engine out SID for ENGM - Example - FMS Data / General - Navigraph

Tried to get an answer on PM, but I suspect you guys are busy. So please read this and answer me when you can. A non-public answer on PM is also good.

Wow do I define a turn start at 1700 feet? I suspect the 1700 value is defined in the wrong slot.

Engine out SID states: At 1700feet AGL turn direct WILLO
As defined now, it only creates a streight line from runway to WILLO and it does not create a defined holding point, only a circle around the waypoint. If not able, that is no problem as the pilot can insert a holding point from the published database.

Again, this is for personal use only i.e NOT PUBLIC

Tom Knudsen

Got one step further today, but wonder if there is a way to select left or right hand turn.
This example is a complete Non-standard Engine-Out SID at ENBR where the above example was from EGKK…

As seen in this image, the EO-SID takes a left hand turn, were it should be a right.

Also, it defines something as 0, not sure why?

Here is the real EO-SID for that runway

How would you define this example?

Hi Tom,
I guess you´re refer to the X-Plane CIFP file … please contact the XP devs for any detail specification. They are the “copyright” holder of that - thank you!


Hi Richard

These are found under Custom Data, my impression was that these also where updated by Navigraph per cycle.

That´s right but that doesn´t give us the rights to offer the technical specification. All the data-formats are copyright by the developer and not by us, so please ask the XP devs for more details.


Thank you Richard. I think I have pretty good idea by trail and error so far, but I will talk to Philipp about it :slight_smile:

Appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

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