Moving maps on mac not linking to Charts


I have reinstalled Navigraph charts and simlink on my Mac (running Big Sur) without success. The moving maps function still does not work unfortunately.

I have been a long time user of Navigraph and look forward to your advice.


Hello Peter! Welcome to the forum.

What exactly is not working? Is the application crashing or is it just not sending location updates?

Please start a new flight with Simlink open and take a screenshot of the application in order to verify the status.

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Hi Malte,

I run X Plane on my Mac and use Navigraph maps on an iPad. The Navigraph charts is working fine but will not show my plane’s location. Moving maps says “a running simulator could not be detected”. I get the same response when I run Navigraph charts on my Mac itself at the same time as X Plane. I downloaded Navigraph charts and Sim Link again but with no luck. I am not sure what you mean by taking a screenshot of Simlink with the application open.

Sorry to be a nuisance - I am obviously doing something wrong but appreciate you help to get this working as it has in the past.


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Hi Peter,

If you have installed Simlink correctly, when you start X-Plane you should see the small Green SImlink icon on the top macOS status bar. If you select Status, you should get something like:

Please post here using Guide to posting Screenshots


I hope I am in the correct forum for help.
I run Xplane 11 on my MacBook Pro with the latest Apple M1 chip.
I have the charts app on my ipad which I was hoping to link to the xplane for moving maps etc.
I do have sim link showing as an app on my MacBook Pro but how do I connect it to xplane and my ipad. I don’t see where there is any way to do this.
Can you confirm where sim link should be installed as well jus tin case?
Sorry and thanks
WQillie Goldie

Hi Willie,


To get Moving Map, you install Charts and Simlink from Charts for macOS.

The Simlink install should put the necessary links into X-Plane. When X-Plane starts you should see the small green Simlink icon in the macOS Status bar. If you click on this you should be able to see the Simlink Status. Please post a screenshot of this using Guide to posting Screenshots.



I think I have it working now.



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Hi Willie,

You are welcome.

Happy flying.


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