EN4 to CEN4 in Xplane 12

I have tried going through all of the .dat file to change high river EN4 to the proper CEN4 but the main menu > Location still shows EN4 as well as the 430 GPS shows EN4. I dont care if its EN4 but none of the departure or approach procedures load into the GPS

Where/what file needs to be manually changed to make sure all the data loads properly in the gps.

I would suggest to report this via the X-Plane gateway because all other manually steps will be lost after every update (also every AIRAC update even we do not update airports and/or runways).

So, please report this change to the X-Plane Gateway

Thank you,

I will report it there, in the short term what is the manual fix. I understand that after updates it will need to be redone.


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