CEN4 + X-Plane

@threaljc500 CEN4 exists in X-Plane 11 as EN4 X-Plane Scenery Gateway

Data is provided by Navigraph as CIFP/CEN4.dat

Unfortunately there is no “proper” solution to match the airport to the data, only hacks (e.g. editing EN4 to CEN4 in the default apt.dat file, which will be overwritten by X-Plane updates etc.).



How would I go about doing this? If it is not too involved, this might be a good work around!

thanks for your help!

Can you walk me through the seps to make this apt.dat change?

Open X-Plane/Resources/default scenery/default apt dat/Earth nav data/apt.dat in a text editor (for example Visual Studio Code), find the entry for EN4:

1   3431 0 0 EN4 High River

Replace EN4 by CEN4, save, relaunch X-Plane.



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