EKRN Bornholm airport difference in dispatching and Approach chart

So there’s an approach chart for ILS11 in EKRN, and according to the chart, you have to go to the ODMEI before final, to establish on localizer, but dispatcher always plots a route through the scheme GIROR DCT ROE DCT EKRN/11, and ROE it’s a VOR of the airport. So the heading after GIROR to the ROE is like 089, despite that the RWY is 110. Of course in the MCDU I can change it all by myself, but all the related systems like FSHud and so on, keeps navigating me in the wrong directions and levels.
I’ve been trying this on ASOBO ATR-76 and FBW 32NX.
So maybe you have to take a look at this one?


Often in real world flight plans, the initial approach fixes are not included in the route.

In this case, since the ILS 11 chart does actually have a ROE transition, you could begin the approach from there. But this would obviously not be very efficient.

More likely, ATC will simply clear you direct ODMEI at some point or simply vector you onto the final approach course. But that doesn’t mean that the flight planned route should have ODMEI in it, in fact routes ending with ODMEI are not even recognized by Eurocontrol’s IFPS and therefore can’t be filed in the real world.

For flight simulator purposes, if improves compatibility with other programs, there is nothing preventing you from simply editing the SimBrief route to end with ODMEI instead of ROE. Just keep in mind that this might not be accepted if you file this route on an online ATC network, such as VATSIM or IVAO.

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Oh, OK, got it. Thanks!

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