747-8i STAR Approach to RWY 10C at KORD

The BENKY6 Approach to RWY 10C at KORD requires a 747-8i to perform a ZigZag maneuver only 4 miles from the runway resulting in a disaster!
Is it me or Simbrief?

Hi, reading the BENKY6 STAR chart, this routing is accurate. The routing that is described for runway 10C brings you east of the airport to TONIE, however there is a note on the chart that you can expect ATC vectors around AHSTN for east runways.

Not all STARs will lead you directly to the final of the intended runway, many will end with a vector and will require ATC to vector you onto the approach, such as in this case.

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I understand that.

But in all other destinations that I have flown to, I can simply replace the “VECTOR” in the STAR with the next waypoint in order to avoid the useless MSFS ATC. And that lets me navigate to the runway for a LAND 3 touchdown.

However, in the case of the STAR approaches to KORD - and only to KORD - that screws up the above scenario and the landing by making both the A/P and the FMC. Malfunction.

That is the anomaly or bug I ask you about.

My guess is that this is caused by the multitude of runways at KORD.

If necessary I can send you a video showing this.

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Claus (longtime Navigraph subscriber).

Hi Claus, because the chart says “Expect Radar vectors after AHSTN” when landing east (i.e. runways 9 L/C/R and 10L/C/R), in the FMS legs page I recommend deleting all the points between AHSTN and the VECTOR. Once done, the FMS should show AHSTN followed by the first waypoint of the approach, which should create a smooth transition.

Since Navigraph AIRAC cycles are derived from real-world data, I believe the real-world FMS would also load the STAR in this way. I don’t believe it’s a bug, this STAR just happens to be coded in a bit of a weird way.

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Isn’t the coding done that way to maintain positive separation at all times by ensuring aircraft cleared for the STAR do not automatically have a clearance to track straight into the final approach paths of all six parallel runways?

What I suggest that works for me:

  • Load the BENKY 6 STAR, load the ILS 10C approach (e.g., GIBNS transition), then when "ATC clears us for the approach " (i.e. the voices in our head tell us it is time…) make SHARN the next waypoint after ASHTN. That gives us a 13-mile final at a reasonable intercept angle.
  • See if we can file BDF8 or SHAIN2 instead of BENKY6.

That worked perfectly. Thank you.

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