EKCH ILS22L waypoint issue

Hello there!

I recently noticed a small issue in the Fenix A320 with waypoint CI22l from the ILS approach into EKCH Runway 22L which looks like it’s directing in the complete opposite direction.

Nothing major but still wanted to let you know, maybe this can get fixed rather quick :wink:

Thank you for the report and details. Much appreciated …

In most cases this is a drawing issue on the ND (happens in real life too). When you fly the procedure, do you see any anomaly then?

The reason for this question is that when the a/c fly the procedure normally, the logic works and is correct and only the path on the ND is drawn incorrectly from Fenix. When the a/c doesn’t fly this procedure correctly we must look deeper into it, where the issue is and how/who can fix it.


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