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The STAR BAGSO2L STAR to runway 28L at EIDW doesn’t match the charts. I am using the FBW A320Neo in MSFS

Hi Daniel,
first of all, thanks for transfering your report into the correct category and also, no need to apologies you. All is good - but it´s easier for us and also for other user here, when they can expect a clear answer of a clear question :wink:

To BAGSO2L at Dublin:
This is a logic bug in the sim. Try the same in the worldmap - select first only the BAG2L STAR and you will see this:

Which looks correct so far for the STAR. So, all waypoints are in the correct sequence. Now add the approach ILS28L to this STAR and you will see this:

So, you see there is a long term logic issue here, when ASOBO connects STARs with approaches. It doesn´t happened only here - this is a general bug in the sim. Also, it also happened all aircraft which are equipped with any FMS/Cs, Garmins, … therefore my assumption, that this is a general bug in the underlying engine.

You see how it could be work in the Working Title CJ4

This mod reads all data correctly and the result is a perfect STAR with an perfect approach part:

Sorry, I guess you must wait till ASOBO has fixed their engine or the FBW guys have also fixed this.

Thanks for the explanation Richard. These sort of issues are so frustrating at the moment. Looks like I need to start flying the WT CJ4…

Yes, it is … but I don´t expect any improvements from ASOBO. The main focus is more on sceneries and landscapes as for useful basic IFR navigation. It´s a pity … but it is at it is … we only can hope from patch to patch, that something will be changed …

Sorry Daniel …
Stay safe and all the best for 2021

Thank you. At least the 3rd parties can get it working properly.

All the best to you too. Happy New Year


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