EGSS + 2213: unexpected runway configuration

Up until cycle 2212, EGSS only had runway 04/22; with this new cycle it has 04/22 and 04C/22C which is not reflected on the charts or in NOTAMs :thinking:

Is this expected, and if so, why?



Oh, the runway is being temporarily shortened (between March 26 and June 8?) and 04C/22C are the temporary thresholds for the reduced length runway…


Hello Tim,

Check the UK AIP for the required RNP approaches 04C/22C

Works are covered by AIP Supplement and notified by NOTAM when active.

EG_Sup_2022_077_en.pdf (434.8 KB)

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I cannot understand why the reduced-length runway thresholds are already in the current AIRAC though, do you know?



Dates published in the supplement:

Works commence on Sunday 08 January 2023 and will continue until Thursday 08 June 2023

Will be active this cycle when notified by NOTAM

Thanks Tim for the question - @srcooke is right … thanks for that!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR guys and thanks for all what you´re doing here to help us in the support!!! Much appreciated …


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