Runway Redesignation

Some time ago EGGW runways were redesignated 07/25 to 08/26 and this has been implanted for many add-ons. Yet no aircraft FMS data seems to have been changed eg FS Labs, PMDG, iFly etc …?

according the UK AIP - Luton has 07/25 and not 08/26 … Do you have a more accurate reference for this change because also our charts show 07/25 …

Here from the UK AIP:

… and from Jeppesen (data & charts):

Please can you forward us an official, current/effective link or similare else, where this change is shown.

Thank you

Ps: possible you mean it in the other way from 08/26 → 07/25 … because according our information that was done in May 2020. But that change is included in all addons and you can select 07/25

Thanks for replying so promptly Richard.
This all started when The FSLabs 320 would not give me a TO Performance response at EGGW - and I had just installed a new 2020 version of EGGW which I assumed would be correct. Several hours later I realised that there was a difference between several aircraft FmC and such add-ons as LittleNaVMap, FSIPanel etc. I couldn’t find any really reliable answer from a quick Google - quite the opposite - hence my post.
So again many thanks for coming in - I’ve just seen the date on the Jeppesen I found on Google - don’t ask!!!

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I don´t ask :joy:

No problem - you´re welcome. Mr. Google is good - no very good but sometimes (ok very rear :-:)), we are better :upside_down_face:

Thanks again - and please don´t hesitate to contact us again, if you have any question.
Happy flying

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