London/Stansted (EGSS) STARs (Runway 04C/22C)


The new AIRAC has incorporated ‘Runway 04C/22C’.
This is a ‘re-designation’ of the existing runway at reduced lengths to facilitate resurfacing over the next few months. There’s also new RNP procedures to the reduced length runways. All this only operates in the middle of the night - details here:

The issue is this means STARS cannot be selected by any aircraft using the MSFS simulator nav database. Given we don’t need to actually resurface in the sim can the 04C/22C procedures be removed so that we can load STARS? (I suspect it will be a very small minority that would miss the RNP Y procedures to the ‘C Runways’ - I can confirm they aren’t be implemented on VATSIM for example).


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Hi Chad,
sorry, but thats really an MSFS issue from day one on. We can´t remove it because than we must remove it everywhere, also in the chart application, SimBrief, … We offer real-world data and there is no need to disable all STARs, when a procedure can´t be assigned … The approaches will not be disabled only the STARs, why STARs and not IAPs?

Sorry, that´s a bug in MSFS and we have reported this several times now but we don´t have any luck and it seems that the priorities to fix such bugs are very low. In this case, please report this to ASOBO/WT … we can´t fix it.


PS: by the way the STARs are available for ALL runways … so, there is no specific STAR for 04C/22C … there is only a new approach added, but no STAR. So the question is now why the STARs are all disabled than?

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