EGNT Rwy 25 & 07


Am new to Navigraph.

The ILS waypoints FF & CF for both runways at EGNT appear to be incorrectly located when using the WEBFMC v1.8.1 add-on with X-Plane 11. They are some 200nm away from the RW waypoint.

Navigraph Version 7.7.1 (


I have checked the coordinates in XP11 and we have following coordinates in our database:

ILS 07 - CF07 (FACF) 54.97163611, -1.93818889
ILS 07 - FF07 (FAF) 54.99270833, -1.85951944

Here the two lines directly from the XP11 dataset:

… and here, when I look on google maps:

ILS 25 - CF25 (FACF) 55.10019722, -1.45388056
ILS 25 - FF25 (FAF) 55.07939167, -1.532975


… the same on google maps:

You see, the waypoints are absolutely correct, aligned and the distances are also correct. I don´t know what WebFMC is, we don´t support it directly. I also don´t know which data-format this addon is using, but what I can say is, that the FACFs/FAFs are correct so far in our database and also in XP11.

Please contact the WebFMC developer, possible that they have an idea, what happened. Thank you!


Thanks for checking the data, much appreciated

The WebFMC is a web plugin that allows you to use a iPad as a CDU.

Even if I manually enter either of the ILS approaches directly into the X-Plane CDU, then check the LEGS page, the problem remains.


Hi Richard,

Following your response about not supporting WebFMC, I realised I was also using the ZIBO 737NG. I tried entering the ILS using the Laminar 737 and it data works so it must be the ZIBO plane that is causing the problem. I will contact them to see. Thanks for your help.

Thanks Asa for this feedback - if possible and when it´ s ok for you, please let us know the solution, if there is one :wink: … Thanks again for your help and also the report!


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