EGHQ missing DME ARCs in Toliss A319 in XP11

Hi there,
In the Toliss A319 v1.6.4 in X-Plane 11.55, the ILS and LOC 30 approaches to EGHQ are missing DAWLY and EXMOR DME Arc options (only the procedure turns NQY1 and NQY2 are given).

AIRAC is the current (2201 rev1); installed using the FMS manager

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Hi Chris,
these transtions can´t be coded due the missing navaid for the DME-Arc.

The coding of AF legs require the Arc defining navaid needs to be a collocated VHF (VORDME, VORTAC or TACAN) navaid. In this case, there is no VHF navaid available, the reference is the ILS-DME ident INWQ.

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Many Thanks Richard, good to be aware of this. I’ll use a fix ring off of INWQ to assist flying the arc manually.


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