EDDM OBAXA SID should be prop only


I’m a VATSIM controller in Munich and would like to inform that the OBAXA SIDs in EDDM are for prop aircrafts only. I had to reclear a number of routes tonight that had filed a FPL via simbrief. I am not sure if it is possible to add this to your route checking/generation but if so it would be nice if you could do that.

Thank you very much

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Hi, this is likely either due to:

  • Users on an old AIRAC cycle (SID/STAR aircraft types weren’t available until AIRAC 2110)
  • Lack of routes in the database for that city pair

SimBrief now also adds routes assigned by VATSIM controllers into the database, so this should improve somewhat over time. I’m also working on a feature that will make it possible for you to manually add routes to the database when you encounter situations like this in the future. Hopefully it will be ready for release soon.

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One example would be EDDM-LIME:

The TULSI SIDs are ATC only, the OBAXA SIDs are Prop only and the only valid of the 4 suggested routes i the 4th which should be filed by default. As I said I’m not sure if you can do anything about that, just wanted to make sure you are aware of this and possibly could improve the route generation in this area in the future.