Ebbr star doens't match with fslabs and proatcx

Good day

Second time i landed at EBBR airport with fslabs, one last month the other today
I use your software where i can follow my plane on Map, when i check approach available for ebbr, i can’t retreive them in the fms ,in proatcx.
Why is there a différence between the data ?

I can give you a general answer only due the lack of details. Both datasets will be created from one and the same source-file, so ideally both should return the same result but the interpretation is different from addon-developer to addon-developer. Some are nearer the reality, some not. The data and the correct interpretation needs more than a good developer, you must understand the rules, the concept and you need of course knowledge about the content. Also here, someone has this, someone has this not in the same quality.

Therefore, the source is the same, so it should be the same result … should be, but that means not always.


Hi Richard, i understand for proatcx but for fslabs i am really surprise.
I will ask on their forum then.

Hey sorry i did a Big mistake, it 's not ebbr , it’s EDDB Berlin Brandebourg where i have these problems

I resolved my problem navdata doens’t update the good folder