Navigraph runways on FSMS stock airport EBBR

Brussels national airport has 2 names EBBR (civilian) and EBMB (Belgian Air-force Component facility). EBBR is a stock airport represented by the sim with 3 runways , a tower and terminals. EBMB is not represented by msfs2020 because the layout is exactly the same as the EBBR site. Navigraph seems to add runways for EBMB. this causes problems like double runways when 3th party add-ons like Justsim-EBBR are installed. It’s not possible to use these add-ons with Navigraph . Why does Navigraph add runways on an existing airport of the sim ? Only the name “EBMB” is missing, not the airport nor the runways. On the other hand, EBMB use the same navigation facilities as EBBR.( LOC, ILS …) The only difference are the frequencies of the radio-contacts. It would be fine if the runways for EBMB were removed.

Hi Luc

We don´t add runways on an existing airport, but as you found out by yourself is that EBMB is NOT existing in the MSFS and therefore we add the runways, but anyway …

Do you use the latest Navigraph Installer (currently beta 23) and the latest AIRAC?

When not, please follow exactly these steps - when it´s done, your problem should be fixed …

Thank you,

Hi Richard, Thank you for your answer. I never had problems with double runways. I use the latest beta 23 and the latest AIRAC.The problem here is that EBBR and EBMB are one and the same airport. the ICAO-code EBMB is used by the airforce while the EBBR-code is used by the civilian party. So if EBMB data is added you get double runways in the MSFS 2020 stock airport. see pictures (with and without Navigraph on msfs2020 raw data)

original MSFS EBBR

original MSFS EBBR With EBMB data (navigraph)

Hi Luc,
strange but I will look deeper into it because this was fixed since a long time - will re-check it, but that shouldn´t be happened, you´re right - sorry! I have tested it also, and I confirm that - big sorry Luc!

Will try to fix it with the next release coming in two days … thanks for your report!

Thank you Richard, My English is not so good. So it’s possible that I explained it wrong the first time.

No, no Luc … all is good, I have understood you correctly, but my personal assumption was wrong. So, all is good - the screenshots were perfect to open my eyes :wink:
I will fix this till the next release … thanks!


Hi again Luc,
fixed … I have created a revision 4 - I know short before AIRAC 2102 will be released but see it´s as a test revision. When this is ok, the new cycle is also ok :wink:

AIRAC 2101 revision 4 - EBBR/EBMB fixed with our cycle installed:


Hi Richard,

I tested EBBR with revision 4. The problem is solved now ; no overlay on ebbr/ebmb .thank you for your correction.

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