Want moving map for parking/stand

Every map in navigraph is a moving map, but not the map for parking/stand/gates. Is this coming?


The current charts for parking/stand/gates from our supplier are mainly non geo-referenced, for display reasons. So they cant do moving map.
We are working on a new Charts offering which should provide this functionality.


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Nice. Hope that will come soon. Realy need this in my VR-setup.

Good morning Ian, your reply here was over 2 years ago. While I accept that you guys probably have heaps on your backlog, something like the OP would be really useful, especially in those situations where you start or finish at an airport with which you are unfamiliar. Is there any news on when the new functionality will be ready?

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The “new Charts offering” that @Ian is mentioning has been released for over a year now, but it sounds like it is not what you expected. Let me clarify!

The parking charts cannot be georeferenced. You can find many references in this forum as to why, and why we at Navigraph cannot affect this. Here is one example:

Instead, what we have done is add detailed airport maps for over 1000 airports worldwide, based on the real-world Airport Mapping Database offered by our data provider, Jeppesen. You can read about the announcement here: Introducing Highly Detailed Airport Diagrams for Charts 8

And see it in action here:

I hope this things up a bit!

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Hi Malte, yes I read that the Georeferencing thing was a problem, but the way Chris was talking I thought that maybe you’d found a way around the issue. If we could arrange the maps into split screen windows that would solve the problem as we could lay one window (the airport map) on top of the taxi chart (or parking chart)

What information, in particular, are you missing in the AMDB map? After all, that is what many real-world pilots use to navigate airports!

Hi Malte, I just need to make sure that when I’m taxiing to a holding point I’m going to stop at the correct point. I think the OP (or someone in a similar thread) talked about holding at ‘Pluto’ at EGLL. The taxi chart shows Pluto, but the airport chart does not. The only way I know that I’m at Pluto is to refer to my position on the airport chart to the position of Pluto on the taxi chart.

You are talking about this thread:

We’re pretty sure that this can be improved, and it is on our list of things to investigate in the near future!

If you find more things to be missing, please create a new & dedicated topic so that we can investigate those cased individually!

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