Downloading to XP12 on Mac OS

The downloader worked perfectly with XP11.
I switched to XP12 but the downloader does detect XP12.

I manually entered the XP12 folder but obviously, it does not work as when I load a Laminar A/C I got the alert AIRAC out of date.

Please help.

Hi Eric,


I think you are conflating two Navigraph applications here.

The SimBrief downloader is used to download the Generated Operational Flight Plan (OFP) to the appropriate folders so that it can be loaded into the FMC/MCDU of different aircraft. To ensure the OFP is created from the latest navigational data, your Ultimate subscription automatically provides the latest AIRAC to SimBrief at SimBrief Airac Updates

Quite separately you should download and install FMS Data Manager which is used to download and update X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 addons navigational data. Once updated the NAV DATA out of date message should disappear.

Both SimBrief Downloader and FMS Data Manager should detect your X-Plane 12.


Thank you very much for your quick answer. I do appreciate a lot.
I am obviously +not totally clear on who does what, but I nevertheless noticed what FMS Data manager does. The issue I have is with FMS Data Manager as it does not detect XP12. I entered XP12 folder manually, it worked but I still have a message Airac not up to date in the Laminar G1000. In XP11, you need to specify a folder for GNS430. Is it the same in XP12?

I can attach screen captures if it helps.
Thank you again.

Hi Eric,

In latest FMS Data Manager for macOS, in Settings page, check X-Plane 12 path is correct. If not sure, navigate to and select the

Press Save

In Addon Mappings, press Scan. X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 addons should be detected. Press Save

In Addon List, select and update the X-Plane 12 and addons. Press Save. I believe the G1000 uses the X-Plane 12 entry.

If still an issue, please post screenshots of all 3 pages, using Guide to posting Screenshots


Thank you very again. for the excellent and prompt support. Congratulations be sure Customers do appreciate.

I did also reload FMS Data Manager and went through the steps you suggested. It works, The scan detected XP12 and I do have the alert any longer.

So Thank you again and Merry Christmas to you and your Family.

Navigraph does not work with XP12, but I will read the documentation. Navigraph tells me I do not have Simlink working on the host.

Best Regards
Eric Pecquerie

Sorry to bother again

  1. I dowloaded Simlink. OK
  2. I launched it as Plane 12 running : Plane not detected
  3. I quit XP12 and relaunched it for giving a chance for Simlink to detect it. Same behaviour . See attached Screen Shot.

I have IOS Instructor running on my iPad and it works. But Navigraph on the iPad does not see Plane.

Thank again

Best Regards
Eric Pecquerie

Screenshot.png.pdf (2.11 MB)

I am ashamed to have bothered you so much. I found the solution.

Moving Maps work both on my iPad and my desktop. Not totally understand why, but it works.

I viewed the tutorial videos. Apparently, the drag feature does not work on iPad.

Now I am willing to use the Flight plans created by Navigraph but I cannot find anyway to export them in any format, even text. Did I missed something?

Best Regards
Eric Pecquerie

My fault, I did not noticed that you can save flight plans ONLY in the desktop app and not in the mobile app. Too bad.

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