Downloader does not download to path set in

I have Windows 11. I installed down loader. Let it search for the correct paths. Because of Win11 some of them are incorrect. I manually set the paths in the individual windows. This worked only for VATSIM and IVAO. The flight plans for AeroSoft CRJ, Airbuses (all) FlightFactor A320, FlightFactor A350, Quality Wings 787 and XPlane 11 all go into a downloads directory.

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To manually set the paths, you use the white on blue folder icon to navigate to the place you want Downloader to place the route files e.g. for X-Plane 11 something like:


Thanks Ian. That is exactly what I did. Despite that they still go to the wrong place. If I could find the ,cfg file i would try to erase it and see what happens. I believe something in Win 11 is doing this. I will try to take a screen shot to show it.

Your set paths are at something like
c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\SimBrief Downloader\Settings

I suggest you restart machine, disable Antivirus and firewall, uninstall/reinstall SimBrief Downloader.


Ian ,

I have tried that repeatedly with no success. I really think it is a Windows 11 issue. I have included a picture of the properties page it contains a line about the destination folder being one drive which I have disabled. If it is the problem how do i fix it? Thanks for you patience


Hi Chuck,

I don’t have much experience with how the OneDrive integration might change the Windows paths. But try the following workaround:

Open a Windows folder explorer window, and manually browse to the folder you would like to export to. For example, I believe the X-Plane flight plans normally go into <XPlane>/Output/FMS plans.

Once you’re in that folder, click the address bar at the top and copy the full path to that folder. Then, in the SimBrief Downloader, manually paste that path next to the X-Plane format (don’t use the browse button - just paste the folder path directly using the text box).

Does it work then? If not, can you please provide the full path as you pasted it into the Downloader, as well as a screenshot of your Downloader window, and a screenshot of the <XPlane>/Output/FMS plans folder when viewed in Windows folder explorer.



Here are screen shots of an attempt to create a flight plan and download it correctly. As you can see they all went to D:downloads not where they should have. I am going to eliminate one drive, completely eliminate Downloader to include the registry listing and then reinstall.

At SimBrief webpage make sure you created/edited a flight plan and pressed Generate plan?

In SimBrief Downloader you should see this flight plan name at the top. You then press Export Selected Formats to export the flight plan to the locations you have set up in SimBrief Downloader.

In Change Settings select Always export new flights automatically, to have this occur automatically when you Generate plan.

This is separate to the Flightplan Downloads section in SimBrief webpage where you may still have download directories set to other directories including downloads.



Again thanks for your help. I tried that and got the same incorrect result. Could you do me a favor, go to your SimBrief Down Loader Icon on your desk top. Right click on it and select the page that you see in the attachment. Details\Folder path? Mine says C:\Users\rwcfii\OneDrive\Desktop

My properties display:


It seems you are installing SimBrief Downloader onto your One Drive in the cloud. Maybe try uninstalling Downloader, disabling One Drive and installing downloader to your actual desktop.


This is too hard I am wasting time trying to fix something I can’t. I did a complete (to include the registry ) deletion. Turned off the my anti virus. Ran the install program as administrator. This did omit one drive (it isn’t on my computer. But the results were the same. So I changed the name of my default down load directory shut down the computer. I started up the computer, created a new flight plan and downloaded it to my Aerosoft A321 flight plan sub directory. It down loaded it into the newly renamed down load sub directly. The odd thing is that it will correctly down load to IVAO and VATSIM??? I need to fly not get depressed with this. I really do appreciate your help