SimBrief Downloader Fails when sending Files to my D Drive

My new XP12 is installed on the D drive and working fine other than I can’t send any SimBrief files to the Output\FMS plans folder (or any other folder on the D drive). I have done a lot of testing to send files from the downloader and found I can send the files to other drives on my sim computer but every time I send them to D\X-Plane 12\Output\FMS plans I get the error message “an unknown error occurred”.
If I copy the file from the file that goes to my XP11 folder manually to XP12 FMS plans folder then I have the data in XP12.
Nothing I have tried so far has worked and I have not been able to find another post here about this specific issue.
Do you have any ideas I can try. Thanks

In Downloader, check you are navigating to the required directory, and not just typing in the folder. (e.g. the folder you mentioned above doesn’t have the colon after the D)

At the Simbrief website, after you press Generate flight , further down the page, try to Download X-Plane 11/12 to the required directory again by navigating to it. Does this work?


Got it, thanks for the help Ian