Simbrief Flight Plan download error

When I have created a FP, I generate it & go to download it. The Info button states that the file will be downloaded to X-Plane11/Output/FMS plans, but it does not do that. It downloads to my downloads folder. Usually my system asks where I want the download to go, but not in this case.

Hi, if you are using the SimBrief Downloader, the folder you set in the Downloader is where that file will be placed when you click “Export Selected Formats”:

It does not affect the default download location when downloading through your web browser, for example from the SimBrief Flight Briefing page. SimBrief cannot override your browser’s default download folder, it has no control over that. So you’ll need to manually browse to the desired folder, in this case X-Plane11/Output/FMS plans.

If you want to automate the downloading of these files into the correct folders, maybe check out the SimBrief Downloader!

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