Downgrade Navdata used by MSFS

Hello. Is there a way of making MSFS use any (outdated) Navdata? Meaning, downgrading to make it say use Apr 22 Navdata? Cheers.

No sorry, we don’t offer any outdated cycles.


So I understood this right, this great piece of open source software flybywire A320, that contains literally thousands of hours of volunteers, lost (intentionally?) its ability to load .pln files from MSFS user directory, and the only possibility left to enter flightplan data is to use payware (navigraph) or to enter each waypoint by hand into the ingame mcdu?

I´m not sure if I understood your last posting correctly but what has this todo with using outdated cycles? Possible I can´t follow you, sorry …

Secondly, we have no influence what FBW included or remove on features, so I´m also here not sure, if I understood your posting here right too …

Last, we are working very close with FBW and we have a very good cooperation with the guys there.

Sorry, but I lost the context now of “requesting of outdated navdata” and a functionality in the FBW.


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