Double runway at PAKT

Since the last USA update and the latest Navigraph update there seems to be a double runway at PAKT. Any idea how I can resolve it? Interestingly when I have to chose a runway for takeoff that is doubled up too.image image

Hi …
I have now looked deeper into this because we have gotten a few reports about this issue. We have now found a solution for that, which will be included in the next upcoming revision 4. Revision 4 is currently under testing and as soon, all look good - we will release it (planned in the next couple of days).

Sim - AIRAC 2013 with the upcoming revision 4:

Thanks for your report,

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Many thanks for your prompt reply.

I’ve not seen it on too many airports so it’s not a huge issue but will be nice to get it fixed.


Just to let you know latest updated has sorted the runway issue at PAKT. Many thanks :+1:t3:

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