Double Charts in Navigraph Charts

Hi All…

I created a flight plan in the MFS2020 planner. After Navigraph Charts detected that a plan had been created I loaded the plan. Is this view normal? Maybe I don’t know about something, for that I ask. Often there are double charts, be it approaches or airfield plates. This happens in other aircraft or other scheduled flights.

Same flight plan and how different!

Is what you see OK?

And another problem which was already reported by me. In response I got that you did not have such reports about such an error. And help I received a big “0” “zero”! I am to understand that what I report to you as an error, an error is not? Yes? In the video the CJ4 aircraft without add-ons freshly a few days after the update, before the update the same thing happened and ie only with this aircraft. With others the same.

Thank you for your help.


The flight plan has an ILS for which there are two Charts which are automatically pinned.

Please post issues separately with description of issue as well as video, so we can get the right focus.