Flights don’t follow Navigraph Flight Plan

Just what it says. Create a flight plan in Navi, make sure everything is correct, save to MSFS and load.

Flight plan shows correctly in Navi and Vision jet (example) and aircraft follows generally the path but wildly off to sides and flies past waypoints before taking wide turns to try and get back on course.

Something seems to be altering the flight plan in the process. What am I missing?? Thanks!

and welcome at the world of Navigraph :wink:

One question:
Do you habe any 3rd parry sceneries/packages installed in the Community folder (excluding our packages)?

When yes, try to remove it as a test. Again excluding our packages and try it again.

My assumption is, that a package is not 100% compatible and/or faulty and therefore the offset.

Does this happen with every aircraft?


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