Does Navigraph FMS Data include runways?

P3Dv5.3HF2 using FMS Data for ASP3D.

ASP3D is showing the latest AIRAC cycle 2405 but when I enter LPPT in the Conditions page it shows the available runway as 03.

But that was designated as 02 last year. Why isn’t ASP3D showing 02? Are runway designations included in Navigraph FMS Data?

in general yes, we also have runway information available in our data and in most of our addons, we include it. Also in the Active Sky P3D (New for v4/v5)

Here, what we offer for ASP3D (AIRAC 2405):

HUMBERTO DELGADO        LPPT02 12162025 38.766428  -9.143903109.1002500355
HUMBERTO DELGADO        LPPT20 12162205 38.792331  -9.130047109.5020500355

Hope that helps,

Thanks Richard. I’ve since discovered that ASP3D only reads the default AFCAD data, not the data provided by Navigraph. I’ll be writing to them and asking why.

I edited the default AFCAD for LPPT and made the change. It was then picked up by ASP3D.

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